Monitoring and Evaluation

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The two letters that most businesses don’t consider often: M and E.

We measure our carbon emissions, our body weight, the amount of time we spend in the office, the ROI in business investments but we miss measuring social media metrics. This is called “monitoring”. Many businesses don’t have team knowledge to do this, therefore marketing presentations lack a very important page in their delivery. 

Marketing processes are either sidelined or low budget items. Businesses also have to grow their overall understanding on the sustainability in their investments and in business decisions. This includes tracking the metrics, analyzing social media and understanding what that means for your business and the market you wish to influence. 

That is a mistake we are here to fix. 

Monitoring and evaluation is a process that goes hand-in-hand with strategy. Just like track-and trace for carbon emissions, we enable accountability and hold sustainability toward longterm impact. 

We work with you to develop transparent and timely discussions on what’s working and what’s not for your social and digital media efforts. We consult with your teams to collaboratively build bridges and understand the impact your business has on the global stage. These efforts elevate your reports with measurable insights, to put your company ahead in the market.

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