Legal Academic Programs



  • Enrolling students to participate in the debates across Southern India. 
  • Presenting study material in an easy to follow method. 
  • Creating a far reaching digital strategy for southern India. 


To help build a stronger understanding of the U.S.-India democracies, an academic law debate was created for a target audience of students living in southern India. 

The program would culminate in a finale and three winners would win top recommendations by the leading legal names in the country with an opportunity to grow their network.


  • To address the study material, the delivery mechanism was a set of videos that featured legal experts explaining U.S.-Indian legal cases, terms, and details for students to follow along.  Videos were uploaded to YouTube and shared with universities as part of the docket to help prospective participants prepare. 
  • An English and regional language campaign featuring influencers and local media networks helped with the reach of the debate programs. 
  •  For monitoring and evaluation, we worked on short videos that were filmed on location, across cities and in various languages spoken in those regions, to measure regional impact, interest and engagement on the subject.